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Remember, awareness is the first step to mastery. Now that you have some awareness of your blocks, and tools to access your unique voice and talents, you are well on your way to being #UnstuckAF.


Laura and Lexi, aka the Sparkle Squad

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The Workshops

Get Unstuck: Recalibrating the Creative Brain

The creative brain is a miracle of well-oiled cerebral machinery. But what happens when it gets stuck? What happens when you get stuck and instead of hearing the voices of your characters, you hear only the endless chatter of your inner critic? Yes, but and she’s so much better than you are and ugh, you messed up again. Sound familiar?

What if we told you it’s possible to retrain those voices to work for, not against, your creativity? That it’s possible to discover what’s blocking you in reaching your highest potential in both your personal and professional life?

In this workshop, authors Alexandra Haughton and Laura von Holt will offer sound scientific evidence (and a few woo-woo insights) about this creative life. Using powerful techniques and practical tools from Laura’s training in the The CIJourney and from Alexandra’s study of mindfulness and self-compassion for creative types, you will leave with new and profound insights as to how to get out of your own way as well as a few simple exercises you can do anytime/anywhere—yes, even in the middle of your favorite café. You’ll have a better understanding of how to respond when the voices get you down and (best of all) a brain that’s primed for limitless creativity.

Since this is a super experiential workshop and will vary depending on participants and space, we want to make sure you have access to all the goods. Resources (including links to exercises, guided meditation recordings, bonus materials, and how to get #UNSTUCKAF with the Sparkle Squad) can be found at http://unstuck-af.com

Get Unstuck-er: A Seasoned Creative’s Guide to Getting Unstuck AF

This workshop is the perfect tuneup for those who attended the glitter- and-lovefest that is the Get Unstuck Workshop—or for the super confident yet still sometimes flailing creative being who thinks they have it all together…most of the time.

Using powerful techniques and practical tools from Laura’s training in the CIJourney, from Alexandra’s study of mindfulness and self-compassion for creative types, and from the years Laura and Lexi both spent rolling around on the floor pretending to be other people in drama school, you’ll leave this workshop ready to tackle any creative roadblock in your way.

This workshop will be highly interactive, but we promise not to make you roll around on the floor and pretend to be other people…unless you want to.

Speaker bios:

Alexandra Haughton lives and writes in a cozy urban cottage. Contrary to popular belief it is not wall-too-wall pink and glitter. (Yet.) When Alexandra isn’t writing contemporary romance, you can find her out and about in Dallas, over at HBIC Nation (where she is a founding member), or at Romanced by the Cover (where she helps her clients fall in love with their book covers). Her home on the web is http://alexandrahaughton.com and her social media handle is @WriterAHaughton

Laura von Holt is a writer, performer, entrepreneur and creativity coach from Hawai’i who lives in New York. Laura is the Fairy Boss Mother of the magically fun tech company, Cinderly. Laura also enjoys helping people find their creative edge as a certified trainer in CIJ, a transformational program based on the Stanford Graduate Course, “Creativity in Business.” By night, you can see her climbing aerial silks or playing with her New York Times Critics’ Pick theater company, Little Lord. Laura writes paranormal romances about mermaids and literary fantasy about the dark side of fairytales.