Destination, Love Series

On October 16, 2017, I will re-release my stories from the One Week in Love anthologies.

Love is Here to Stay

Heat Level 3.5 flames

After the Fall

Heat Level: 3.5 flames

This Christmas

Heat Level: 1 flame


Other Collections

Blue Christmas

Heat level: 3 flames

Bringing Home the Boss

Heat level: 2 flames

Storm Warning

Heat level: 1 flame


One Week in Love Series

The complete One Week in Love anthologies are only available in print. (One Week in December is available as an eBook, and is currently free.)  

Heat level: 3.5 flames


Heat level: 3.5 flames

Heat level: 1 flame


Heat levels*:

1 flame:   Kisses and smolder.

2 flames:  Door slightly ajar; euphemistic language.

3 flames:  Open door romance with frank, vernacular language.

4 flames:  Oh my, it's getting quite steamy in here.

5 flames:  Break out the unsweet iced tea! Holy smexy.   


*Your mileage may vary--this is a basic guideline. (All are 100% HEA/HFN without cliffhangers.) YAY, ROMANCE!