Lust List: Kate Spade Glitterbug Card Holder

In this edition of Lexi's Favorite Things: KATE SPADE + PINK + GLITTER + ROMANCE

Yeah, you probably need to take a moment after reading that lust list. Or maybe you want to go for a double it again: Kate Spade + Pink + Glitter + Romance

So good. SO GOOD!

But what's better than good? I'M GIVING AWAY A DISCONTINUED PIECE OF KATE SPADE GLORY. I got my glitterbug for Christmas, but you can enter to win one PLUS a sweet digital download of The Last Plus One. Think of it as Christmas in July. Or if Christmas isn't your thing, then just a flipping awesome surprise in July! 

Behold, the glory!

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(Something--anything!) Take Me Away...

I've just returned from a vacation that wasn't really a vacation at all. Whirlwind trips to AZ where you drive all day to get there--and then only spend two madcap days there--and drive all day to get back are exhausting. 

I'm ready for a real vacation. With sun and water and lovely little beverages. Heck, I'd settle for some time at a friend's backyard pool at this point. But since that's not possible at the moment, I'll just live in this picture...

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