Plans, Schmans...

Did you miss me?

(insert awkward laughter here)

Well, even if you didn't notice that I haven't blogged since May 22nd, I've missed you. 

I haven't been on social media all that much--which, in the scheme of things, is probably a good thing. I bet you're thinking, "gosh, Lexi, you must have been able to write 3842398729385 words in the time you've been largely offline, huh?" 

Welllllllllllll. Not quite. 

You see, I had these grand plans for the summer. Plans for a writing retreat with my local writing besties Ophelia London and Lindsay Emory, plans for pool parties with my non-writing besties and their babies, plans for my backyard garden, plans for cleaning up the mess that is my front porch, plans for...

You get the picture.

And then things changed. 

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