Book Sweeps Heartwarming Romance

THE LAST PLUS ONE (and a kindle!) is up for grabs on BookSweeps this week. 


TLPO is an anthology with three funny, heartwarming romances all set at the same society wedding on the east coast. 

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And don't forget I have a short story from last year's Valentine's Rewind Blog Hop you can read for f-r-e-e. <3

An Ode to ModCloth and High School Sweethearts...

I was practicing some hardcore hygge last night with a cuppa, my favorite cozy blanket sweater paired with this rad ModCloth shirt I got on clearance, and a candle I leave here at Haughton House--and it turned into a nostalgia fest. 

(PS Nostalgia has one of the most beautiful etymologies in all the universe: nostos (Greek) for homecoming or homeward journey + -algia (also Greek) for a type of pain, usually specified by the first this case, nostos.)

Here's what went down live on Twitter...

an appropriate post for the first day of February: