The First Unofficial Official Day of 2015

It is a new year. 

I know. I know. It has been a new year for some days now according to the calendar. And I even sat down with the calendar to write down some flexi-goals a la Bria Quinlan. But because of some ice and snow issues in west Texas, I was obliged to stay with my mom and dad a bit longer than I had planned. Don't get me wrong: being there is most definitely home and joyful. It's just hard to be disciplined when I am out there. Oh, I'll drive you to the store, Mom. Make another cuppa? I believe I shall. Pet the poodle on the couch--I think he wants me to take a nap with him. I'll just read another three chapters because Daddy isn't back from work yet. Hallmark movie! HGTV!!!!!! 

See how that goes? 

But now that I am back in my wee urban cottage--lounging on my day bed (with a few lap blankets because holy hell it is cold in here!)--it finally feels like I'm really looking at that big, cosmic blank page that is 2015. 

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An Ambitious Week One of #TheYearToBe___

Ah, the first official post of #TheYearToBe___. I feel the need for fireworks. A trumpet fanfare. Too early for all of that? No, friends, it’s not because I’m starting off the New Year with a doozy of a word: ambitous.

So tumble out of bed and stumble to the kitchen. Go ahead pour yourself a cuppa Ambition. I’ll wait. (My word, you look lovely in the morning. Is that a new dressing gown?)

So…ambitious. It’s an adjective. An old one. First used in the English language in c1384 according to the Oxford English Dictionary. Ambition is the noun form. But it’s too early for all of that. Take a sip; it’s about to get good.

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I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’m terrible at keeping resolutions. I know, put away your little smirky smirks. Try to at least pretend to be shocked, people.

But resolutions are so seductive—even the act of making resolutions is practically fetishized (special planners, apps for your smart phones, the end-and-beginning-of-year lists by bloggers and journalists the world over). It’s heady stuff: who wouldn’t like the promise of a clean slate? After all, weight loss companies—and the entire fitness industry—bank on people starting over in January. Heck, I even got a Groupon email on Christmas freaking Eve.

But it’s just so difficult to make things stick to that clean slate.

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