A Love Story...

This is a love story, not a romance…

Max the Gentleman Poodle

Seventeen years ago on a girls’ road trip in college, I feel head over heels for a leggy, shaggy-haired ginger boy. I giggled while I snuck him into my hotel room, and we slept on the floor that night so we wouldn’t wreck the bed.

Today, we had to say our last goodbye. Anybody who loves a dog knows it’s always only a HFN, never a HEA. It always ends in heartbreak.

The Haughton Poodles

Max took care of us as much as we took care of him. There’s lots of tears at Haughton House tonight as he’s inducted into the Very Good Dog Hall of Fame and joins the two Haughton Poodles and many sweet Haughton Mutts who went before.

Love you bunches, Mister Max.

P.S. I hope your silver BFF welcomed you with a really big bowl of cheesy scrambled eggs. Y’all don’t have too much fun without us. 💖🌈🐾

P.P.S. Actually, go ahead and have a lot of fun without us. You deserve it. We never deserved you and your incredible heart.

X Marks The Spot

Xenial. Yes, it has come to this. It’s X week over at #TheYearToBe___ HQ. And since our CEO is kind of particular about following rules, we couldn’t be satisfied with eXtra type cheats. So XENIAL it is.

It’s not a terribly useful word in everyday parlance. Unless you happen to be proprietor of a charming B&B. Or are a diplomat. (I am neither.)

From the OED: Of the nature of, or pertaining to, the relation between host and guest: applied to a friendly relation between two persons of different countries, or between a person and a foreign country.

But look. How xenial I’m already being, welcoming not only a guest but a guest of a different species to the blog this morning. He’s such a great help. 


Such an eXacting editor. (Oh man, I wasn't going to encourage such verbal shenanigans--and yet....)