Five for Friday: HBIC Celebration

End of the week! Holiday weekend coming up!! A new independent bookstore opens in Dallas tomorrow!!! So many exclamation points!!!!

My Friday was lit--and this weekend proves to be even more so--so let's get to it, shall we? 

  1. After weeks of worrying, I did a very adult, HBIC thing today, and, while the results weren't as fabulous as I'd hoped, they weren't worse than my worries, so A+++.
  2. I'm tooling along in Mistletoe Key, writing my heart out. So excited to wrap this up next week. (And even more excited to cheer Lindsay on when she wraps hers up TOMORROW. Hopefully, (hint, hint: I know you're reading this) I can do this in person when we take a field trip to Interabang, Dallas' newest independent bookstore.) 
  3. Super grateful to my HBIC ladies, always, but especially today because we put out a super amazing Conference Survival Guide. It is amazing. I love what our brains make together. If you're contemplating attending a conference (first-timer or no), you need this in your life. 
  4. And I love our HBIC Slack channel. That deserves it's own point of beauty on today's #5ForFri. Because it's a lifeline. Always. 
  5. I celebrated being an HBIC and all-around badass by doing a little solo ladies-who-lunch at my favorite Dallas spot, Rise nº 1. It is the literal best, and to prove that, here are some pieces of scientifically-gathered evidence: 

HBIC Nation: The Origin Story

It started with glitter. 

No, really. I'm not just saying that. It really did. 

Okay, maybe I am just saying that, but glitter is totally involved

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you might recall the grand adventure I took in February, meeting up with five of my darling writer friends in the rolling hills of Virginia. (It was glorious.) It basically started there. Or, rather, with the planning of the retreat.

You see, I was never an athlete--except for that long, long ago season my sorority was Flag Football Champion--but I love jerseys. They're just so darn cool. They say, without any words necessary, "hey, these people are together." 

And the six of us? Oh, we were SO TOGETHER. We'd taken to calling ourselves HBIC on our slack channel, so that was an obvious choice for our retreat swag. (PS: HBIC = Head Bitch in Charge)

But you can't just design a jersey, no, you need a logo, and, if you're me, you also need a printer that will screen print your jerseys in GLITTER INK. (Thank you, CustomInk. I love you.) 

But you can't just have a jersey. You need coffee mugs. And stickers. AND A MOTTO!

Check and quadruple check. Oh, it was SO HARD TO KEEP THEM SECRET. The grand unveiling around our farmhouse table was kind of like the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, I'm not gonna lie. (Except with booze. And candles.)  

HBIC Coffee Mug

And then, as is wont to happen when six badass women get together, they start thinking. And they start finishing each other's sentences. And it isn't long until they're putting together A PLAN that had been inside of them all, just waiting to blossom into magnificence. 

And that, my friends, is how HBIC NATION began. 

Our little community of creatives is so strong. We are all the things for each other: tech support desk, water cooler gossip, BFF, cheerleader, task mistress, and content experts. And today, we are opening up HBIC Nation to all of the wide world. Because every HBIC needs her team in place. 

Our mission is clear. Our vision is strong: HIBC Nation is a place to learn, share, and grow your creative empire—plus have one heck of a good time while doing it. 

Come see what we're all about. Join our community...and get prepared to transform your creative life with other creatives from all walks of life. HBIC Nation isn't just about community (though that's freaking awesome). HBIC Nation will offer exclusive content and mentorship opportunities, both online and in person. 

What are you waiting for? 

Oh, oh! I almost forgot. We've got a 15% off deal in our teespring store that's good for launch week. (Show your HBIC pride!) Make sure you click this link as there aren't any places to add the promo code at checkout. <3

And if you want FREE STICKERS (and who doesn't), email one of the HBICs here and we'll send some to ya. 

Check out the other HBICs and what they have to say on their blogs and/or social media about our super duper faboo launch week:


Five for Friday: HBIC World Domination Edition

I missed last 5ForFriday because we were saying goodbye to my little nanny--who was just shy of 100 and as sassy as ever right up 'til the end. And I bet you thought I was going to miss this one, too, because I'm posting so late in the day.

Nope. Not missing it. I'm living and loving* every minute of my Friday because of these five ladies: 

We are on a seekrit HBIC World Domination Tour aka a writing retreat in the middle of a picturesque spot in America. I've laughed myself hoarse, cried a little--maybe tinkled a little too--and have filled my well WAY UP. And it's just the first day. 

What happens at retreat stays at retreat...for the most part. But there are going to be some insta posts and stories. Make sure you follow me @WriterAHaughton

*and if you said, "no way Lexi. No way are you taking time out of your retreat to post this"--you're right. I scheduled it Thursday evening. But I'm still grateful for Laura, Mary Chris, Lindsay, Julia, and Lexy. HBICs4EVA