A Fireside Chat with Alexandra Haughton

From my home in west Texas to yours…Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s almost nine o’clock on Thanksgiving morning, and I’m still in my pajamas, drinking tea. (It’s pretty wonderful.) My sister-in-law is hosting this year, so Mom and I are only responsible for a couple super-duper easy things. (Easy, but vital: GBC aka green bean casserole!)

Considering my mom was sick as a dog last Christmas, and I singlehandedly cooked and got the tablescape ready, I’m kind of enjoying doing next-to-nothing today.

My gratitude list is something I keep track of on a daily basis—y’all, I’m not a saint, sometimes all it says is “I’m really grateful for this long-wear nail polish and sweet Tia who always gives me an extra-long hand massage.” But today, especially, I’m filled with the warm fuzzies. If I sat here for three hours, I likely could still fill the list of things I’m grateful for.

Including you, especially you, dear reader. Thank you for bringing me into your heart and home when you read one of my books.

Speaking of readers, I sent out a missive to The A-List subscribers, and if you’re not behind the velvet rope with all the other VIPs, you should be. In it, they got a shot at two hundred free copies of Love is Here to Stay. (I know, right?!) It’s my Thanksgiving story (although it’s disguised as hot, grumpy, bearded rancher meets pretty Park Avenue Princess romance), so it just seemed like the thing to do. Annnnnd they also got an exclusive reveal about a new project.

All I’m going to say here is keep your eyes peeled in December.

Oh, one last thing: if you love that little graphic at the top of this post, you can grab a download of the hand-lettered “grateful” for your own images —> https://haught.pub/GratefulHeart <—

You can easily overlay the transparent .png image in apps like Union and Canva if you don’t have Photoshop. (And who does, besides graphic design nerds like me?)

Holidays can be tough, but I hope you enjoy a little slice of sweetness today.



Plans, Schmans...

Did you miss me?

(insert awkward laughter here)

Well, even if you didn't notice that I haven't blogged since May 22nd, I've missed you. 

I haven't been on social media all that much--which, in the scheme of things, is probably a good thing. I bet you're thinking, "gosh, Lexi, you must have been able to write 3842398729385 words in the time you've been largely offline, huh?" 

Welllllllllllll. Not quite. 

You see, I had these grand plans for the summer. Plans for a writing retreat with my local writing besties Ophelia London and Lindsay Emory, plans for pool parties with my non-writing besties and their babies, plans for my backyard garden, plans for cleaning up the mess that is my front porch, plans for...

You get the picture.

And then things changed. 

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Some Old-Fashioned Feelings

This should be the longest post of #TheYearToBe___ because I have much to be grateful for.

But (you knew the “but” was coming) like religion, money, and politics, I think it’s a little squicky to string my blessings up on a laundry line in full view of everyone. I know. I know! This is totally weird; it’s just the way I was raised. (I never promised you I wouldn’t be weird.)

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