2019 Planning: Word of the Year

Can’t just stick to one word…

Here I am again, just a girl, standing in front of a New Year, asking it to love me—

and, er, reveal its word to me.

And once again, I can’t come up with a single word. Looks like 2019 has another phrase of the year, and it’s “Anything can happen in a year.”

It’s pretty good, right?

I like to noodle over my word/phrase of the year during December as I wind down Q4, reflect back on business gains and losses, and identify personal successes and failures. And as I was noodling, Mantra Wellness Magazine posted this graphic on their Instagram feed and I was struck. (I regrammed it in my instastory and posted it in my HBIC Co-Founders Slack Channel and couldn’t get it out of my mind.)

Fast forward. It’s New Year’s Eve. I’m still out west at Haughton House. I’m doing laundry (wearing a totally glam outfit of buffalo check longjohns and a V-Day t-shirt that says “You got a BAE or nah?”) and getting packed up to leave tomorrow to hopefully beat the storm back to Big D. And I just can’t get that post out of my head.

So it’s settled. That’s my 2019. No deep dive and poetry like last year. Just a sense of this is so right for me.

But of course I made a pretty graphic for my desktop wallpaper. When I get back to the cozy cottage tomorrow to settle in and really do some pen-to-paper planning, that is what will guide me. #AnythingCanHappenInAYear

If you’d like the wallpaper for yourself—or a square image to post on insta—feel free to grab them here: https://haught.pub/Anything2019 Feel free to share the link with a friend and post where you desire. If you want to credit me, that’s awesome, but you don’t have to. (If you sell the image, that’s not awesome.)


Lexi H.

Seasons of Change

September is more than halfway over, and yet it still feels very much like summer. That's just how it is here in Texas. (Sidebar: In San Diego this summer, Lindsay Emory and I were laughing that the perfect weather we were walking around in felt like Christmas....literally.) And the full moon last night was big and bright and bronze and that feels like the signal for something to change--leaves, lives, or even just trying out that new style of undies you've seen advertised. 

Fall doesn't have to be a slow slog of decay until the death that is winter. 

There's beauty in it, for sure. (Although, I have to realllllly remind myself of that; I'll be sweating at the State Fair of Texas next month.) To that end, I did some doodling the other day on my handy-dandy iPad Pro and created some digital wallpapers.

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