A Craft Party with Helen Gurley Brown and Frances "Baby" Houseman

Cosmopolitan magazine has cornered the market on branding FEARLESS. The slogan “Fun, fearless, female” is etched into my brain. And I bet it is in yours, too. After all, it will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year. 

Cosmo was a magazine I read way before it was age-appropriate. Thank you, public libraries! (Yes, adopt your “shocked” expression.) About the time I turned sixteen, I started buying my own copies—smuggled into my house after Friday nights at Barnes and Noble with the BFF. Oooh, wasn’t I the rebellious teenager? (PS—they were only smuggled into my home not smuggled out of the store. I assure you I paid for every copy.) I’m not sure why I felt the need to smuggle them in as I soon used the glossy sheets to decoupage any flat surface. (Y’all, I even decoupaged a trashcan before Pinterest was a glimmer in our crafty eyes.)

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