The Bold and the Beautiful

#TheYearToBe___ BOLD has come and gone. I tweeted about it; I know I did. I guess I never actually posted the blog. (I know y'all are all torn up about that.)  

Coincidentally, this was the week before RWA nationals in San Antonio. The week I was shoving all of my dirty and clean clothes into my new car to take home to sort out/pack. (I was in west Texas for my mom's Birthday WeekTM.) Probably the boldest act I performed was stepping outside of my house without earrings or lip color on. I also deleted eleventy billion pictures from my phone and some un/der-used apps so I could update my iOS. Just change my name to Lexi Bold Haughton.

Now I'm leaving for SATX after a farewell breakfast with my mom. It's the week to be CURIOUS. The perfect mindful goal for a conference!  (And maybe I'll be bold and wear lip color at con.)