Lexi Haughton's Annual Holiday Card Extravaganza

I'm counting down the days to Thanksgiving and my trek back to west Texas. And then a super speedy return trip back to Big D for my friend's post-Thanksgiving wedding. And then, it will be time to head to the Dallas Arboretum for the 12 Days of Christmas spectacular. And then Christmas, itself will be here. And then a kiss-less NYE. 

And then. And then. And then.

OH YEAH. I also have a book release in there. ONE WEEK IN DECEMBER is set to drop 11.17.15. 


But mail is beautiful. 

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The Art of Connection

A very dear friend mentioned my Twitter feed the other day. She said something to the effect of, “boy hidey [note: not all of my friends speak with outrageous Texan expressions, you know, but apparently my brain, in recounting conversations, does] you sure spend a lot of time on Twitter some days.”

I think in the moment I mumbled something like, “Yep, Friend, I sure do.”

But then I started thinking on the long road trip to the Thanksgiving cabin. Do I spend too much time on Twitter? Am I being completely ridiculous? Am I unproductive as a result?

The answers, in case you were wondering are: maybe, for sure, and resoundingly no.

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