Sequins Greetings!

Y'all want in on my annual holiday extravaganza. It's gonna be soooo good. I've curated some amazing wee gifties this year. We are talking classy Kate Spade pretties; cheeky frills; exquisite stationery; books; gift cards....

If you can't see the form below, follow this link:

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First Undressing Blog Hop: THE STARCATCHER

I am so excited to hit “publish” on the sequel to THE PROFESSIONAL, a flash fiction piece I wrote for the FIRST KISS BLOG HOP starring a struggling actress about to make her big break sharing a fantasy kiss with the world’s sexiest man…under the too-bright lights of a mouthwash commercial’s set. 


When Philip Craig is hired to do the body shots on Ian Cunningham’s latest commercial gig because the star is secretly in rehab (again), it’s just anther day on the job. Until he meets Felicity Hale—and by meet, he means make out with—and she disappears on him. Fast forward to a flashy A-list only party after the premier of STARCATCHER. Felicity and Philip meet again, and, if the chemistry was sizzling on set, it’s practically volcanic when the two share a private afterparty in Ian’s guest house. 


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