Seasons of Change

September is more than halfway over, and yet it still feels very much like summer. That's just how it is here in Texas. (Sidebar: In San Diego this summer, Lindsay Emory and I were laughing that the perfect weather we were walking around in felt like Christmas....literally.) And the full moon last night was big and bright and bronze and that feels like the signal for something to change--leaves, lives, or even just trying out that new style of undies you've seen advertised. 

Fall doesn't have to be a slow slog of decay until the death that is winter. 

There's beauty in it, for sure. (Although, I have to realllllly remind myself of that; I'll be sweating at the State Fair of Texas next month.) To that end, I did some doodling the other day on my handy-dandy iPad Pro and created some digital wallpapers.

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