The P-word

I have a very clear mental image of this 70s crewelwork/needlepoint thing that used to hang in my mom's utility room. (Heck, it still might!)

It was beige and brown and orange--with a soothing dash of hot pink. "God, grant me patience" in simple lettering at the top...side? (Huh, guess that mental image isn't so clear.) The rather pedestrian WASPy sentiment was accompanied by a cannon and an incongruous display of flowers.

But what was so fabulous about this piece? What kept it from being one of a million other inspirational needlepoint pieces. Out of the cannon shot a huge thought bubble and the letters N-O-W. 

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Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?

Apparently, all the cowboys have gone to online dating services. 

Writer and city sophisticate Julia Kelly tweeted an article this morning about more envious glories of NYC living. I followed a strange Internet black hole and found article after article about online dating. 

A new study (funded by Match) shows more first dates happen as a result of online dating sites than friend-set ups and even workplace romances.

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Pollyanna and a Frat Party Playlist

Cheerful is kind of an old fashioned word. It brings to mind yellow, daisies, stripes. And color. Lots of bright, shiny color.

A quick Pinterest or Google image search of “cheerful” will yield lots of this. In fact, just looking at these images whilst in the throes of a grody head cold from hell makes me smile.

Cheer is pretty darn contagious. Just think about Pollyanna and the glad game. Cantnkerous Mrs. Snow thought Pollyanna was an impertinent little brat, but a few sessions of prism-stringing and rounds of "the glad game" and she was out of her sick bed and back into the world. 

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