Valentine's Rewind Blog Hop

I don't know about other writers, but I find that, after I type THE END a la Joan Wilder (The Joan Wilder), I don't really think about my characters much. While they've "spoken" to me--and through me--during the drafting and revision process, once I've told their story the best way I know how, it's over for me. I don't revisit them or think about them much. 

I must confess: sometimes, I have to go back and re-read my notes to remember, six months later, what their names are. (SORRY IF THAT KILLS THE MAGIC FOR YOU, BELOVED READERS.)

Which is to say, all of this made the prospect of agreeing to this Valentine's Rewind hop...a challenge. Until I remembered Kenna Madison, the much-maligned vapid heiress to a vast pencil fortune in ONE WEEK IN HAWAII. What made it even more challenging? The story came to me in first person. (That...never happens.)

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Come In From the Cold: A 12 Days of Christmakwanzakah Blog Hop Short Story

Like my friend Julia Kelly (1/2 of the dynamic duo that organized The 12 Days of Christmakwanzakah Blog Hop), I've never met a holiday romance I didn't like. So this blog hop, made up of flash fiction stories (most 1500-2000 words) has been AH-MAZING. 

Also amazing? Check out this list pretty fantastic list of Christmas romances that author Katharine Ashe put together on her blog. AFTER you've gone through all of the #12DaysHop stories first, of course. 

So thank you, Julia and Alyssa, for organizing this hop. I'm excited to glom all the stories. And happy to share with you my story of love in a time of Snowpocalypse: COME IN FROM THE COLD. It's a smidge over the 2000 word limit. Okay, so it's like 1000 words over the limit. But what gal doesn't like a nice full stocking? 

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