The Big Daddy Warbucks Giveaway

This weekend, I blogged about doing a Pay-It-Forward type giveaway--something with no strings attached (no Rafflecopters, no you must do X, Y, Z to win, none of that). A fun just-because giveaway, because the romance reader and writer communities have given me so much over the years. And if you haven't yet hopped over to Read-A-Romance Month, you should! (After finishing my post, of course!) 

I thought about the bajillion things I could give away, worried that if I bought specific things, people might not love/want/need them. But then I thought, that's silly, you've got great style, Lexi Haughton, and your blog readers and Twitter followers would probably enjoy a cache of functional and fabulous gifties to arrive in their mailboxes. 

So this giveaway will be filled with LEXI HAUGHTON'S FAVORITE THINGS.

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