The Year of Possibilities

It's taken me a while to write my New Year, New You post...mostly because 2016 (in true 2016 style) went out with a bang. In the space of one crystalline hour, I launched my best friend into her newly married life--sparklers and all--and I received news of a death in the family. Thanks for that roller coaster, 2016. 

So I’ve been a little slow to get into my 2017 planning. A little slow to get back to Dallas because I needed to spend more time at home. A little slow allowing my #HBIC work persona start running the show again after my personal #HBIC persona was running at 300% over the last few weeks. 

I got naked on social media and posted my 2017 Guiding Principles and Q1 Goals. (PS thank you Bria Quinlan for your awesome Author Life Planner.) 

But I’m back. In my space. With quiet when I need it and the bustle of other hustlers when I need it. I’ve gone on playdates with my Dallas bestie and her crew of adorable children, visited with my favorite baristas, done a little body and soul work—and tomorrow marks the return of the LLL luncheon with local loves Lindsay Emory and Ophelia London!

2017: you are on notice! 

Sequins Greetings!

Y'all want in on my annual holiday extravaganza. It's gonna be soooo good. I've curated some amazing wee gifties this year. We are talking classy Kate Spade pretties; cheeky frills; exquisite stationery; books; gift cards....

If you can't see the form below, follow this link:

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