The Joy of Pollen

I know why we need pollen. Scientifically. And I suppose, even aesthetically, that pretty film of chartreuse green that anoints everything in the spring is a joy. But what it does to my body isn't pretty. 

It's springtime in west Texas. We have pollen AND dust storms. I'm doomed. 

This morning, I woke up with insane allergy eyes: super puffy (like, get back Stay Puffed Marshmallow man, I'm the new sheriff in town), the color of a flamingo after a bender, plus a serious case of the itchies. In short, AGONY EYES. 

And then I remembered these Patchology dealie boppers I bought in bulk (on crazy sale) at the last FabFitFun add-on period*. (Mine are optimized for travel and come individually wrapped in a box, but you can bet your sweet Aunt Betty that I'll be buying these for home-use too.) 

I know I applied them incorrectly. #BeautyBloggerFail. But after 15 minutes** of toddling around the house with them on (raising a few eyebrows from both Mom and my poodle-brother), all of my complaints were addressed. 

All of them. 

I also got the lip patches, and I really want to play with them now that I think Patchology is a miracle, but I'm but a mere mortal and two miracles per day might be pressing my luck. 

But if you're lucky and follow me on Instagram, you can view my eye patch Insta Story hilarity. 


*PS that's your code to get $10 off your first box if you want one. :)

**Yes, I know it says 5 minutes on the packet, but I'm a rebel.