Release Day for Destination, Love

My three stories from the One Week in Love anthologies are now reissued as standalone romances under the umbrella of the Destination, Love series.

Each has been freshly edited, recovered with brand new couples and titles, plus Love is Here to Stay has a bonus epilogue that's exclusive to the re-release!

Paperbacks are forthcoming. AND, there will be a new novella in 2018 featuring Leo and Hélène from After the Fall. (You can get an exclusive, sneaky-peek at the bananapants blurb at the end of ATF.)

So, TL;DR:

  • LOVE IS HERE TO STAY: a grumpy, bearded rancher meets his match...with his little sister's best friend;
  • AFTER THE FALL: a vacation fling in paradise gets real serious (and real hot), real quick;
  • THIS CHRISTMAS: a story for all the Misfit Toys out there. Utterly romantic. Might help you put the sparkle back in your season. And it's absolutely free! <3




Destination, Love

I'm so excited to share the good news with you:


I'm re-releasing my stories from the One Week in Love anthologies as stand-alone books this fall.

You'll still be able to get all four stories together in the print versions of One Week in Wyoming and One Week in Hawaii, and in the freebie eBook of One Week in December.

But now you can grab my stories (and exclusive epilogues!!) in my new series, DESTINATION, LOVE. And the best news? ***Scroll down for SPOILER ALERT*** 

Make sure you're part of The A-List so you get an exclusive sneak peek of the covers and a chance to win a copy of all three eBooks AND some other goodies I can't even talk about yet because everybody loves surprises!!! 

Oh, and speaking of surprises. Did September sneak up on you like it snuck up on me? There's still time to join our #ReadWritePlan extravaganza, where Lindsay Emory and I are encouraging our readers--and our author friends--to share a month's worth of organization hacks and inspo. 

Follow the hashtag on Instagram and Twitter...and I think there might even be some rogue posting on Facebook. (But since FB still doesn't love me, I can't see it.) We've also got a giveaway going on. With ARCs of our Mistletoe Key books. 

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Okay, if you're brave enough to withstand the spoiler alert, start scrolling...





***I'm hard at work on Leo & Helene's story because everyone has been emailing me about it since One Week in Hawaii came out. (Heck, I've been emailing myself about it!)

The answer has always been "some day." WELL SOME DAY IS HERE. Kind of. The mysterious, Italian playboy and the French Prime Minister's daughter who help conspire to unite Drew and Joss in After the Fall are getting their own story! (Yeah, their love affair is going to be bananapants!) 

My production schedule for 2018 is still being set in stone. But you'll be the first to know. <3


One Week in Hawaii Travel Giveaway

This is it. Our book, ONE WEEK IN HAWAII, releases today on all major retailers (Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo). I've got a rafflecopter set up to win a GIFT PACK OF AWESOMENESS to celebrate.

If you can remember all the way back to our origin story, the three authors and I met on twitter, so it's only fitting that following us on Twitter is part of this giveaway. But I'm pretty excited about YOUR COMMENTS below, telling me where you'd like to vacation this summer. 

One Week in Hawaii Travel Giveaway

So just follow the rafflecopter below; if it does't load properly, you can always CLICK HERE to enter. Contest runs until 5.26.15, so you've got plenty of time to enter (but don't forget) and tell your friends. I'm excited to fill up your mailbox with travel goodness, including couture (okay, just regular old handmade) drawstring shoe bags--made by yours truly based on your color and pattern preferences!--and a gift card to your favorite retailer (doesn't have to be AMZ, iBooks, B&N...can be Target or SBUX or any popular retailer near you...and me). 

EDIT: contest closed. Manda, you're the grand prize winner--check your email. I've also emailed Carol and Cara Dawn--bonus second and third place winners. Betcha didn't see that coming. Thanks to all who entered. <3