Sequins Greetings!

Y'all want in on my annual holiday extravaganza. It's gonna be soooo good. I've curated some amazing wee gifties this year. We are talking classy Kate Spade pretties; cheeky frills; exquisite stationery; books; gift cards....

If you can't see the form below, follow this link:

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Lust List: Kate Spade Glitterbug Card Holder

In this edition of Lexi's Favorite Things: KATE SPADE + PINK + GLITTER + ROMANCE

Yeah, you probably need to take a moment after reading that lust list. Or maybe you want to go for a double it again: Kate Spade + Pink + Glitter + Romance

So good. SO GOOD!

But what's better than good? I'M GIVING AWAY A DISCONTINUED PIECE OF KATE SPADE GLORY. I got my glitterbug for Christmas, but you can enter to win one PLUS a sweet digital download of The Last Plus One. Think of it as Christmas in July. Or if Christmas isn't your thing, then just a flipping awesome surprise in July! 

Behold, the glory!

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The Recipe for the Perfect Summer

Smooches and lots of sun tea!

Yep. That's it. Smooches and sun tea. Two ingredients for the perfect summer...even if your smooches are of the literary or canine variety. (Kiss kiss, poodle brother. You're the sweetest.) 

ICYMI: Lindsay, Ophelia, and I (the LLLs) have a dreamy giveaway to celebrate the release of THE LAST PLUS ONE and all things summer. Click on that arrow below, and you'll be zoomed to the rafflecopter!

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