Five for Friday: HBIC Celebration

End of the week! Holiday weekend coming up!! A new independent bookstore opens in Dallas tomorrow!!! So many exclamation points!!!!

My Friday was lit--and this weekend proves to be even more so--so let's get to it, shall we? 

  1. After weeks of worrying, I did a very adult, HBIC thing today, and, while the results weren't as fabulous as I'd hoped, they weren't worse than my worries, so A+++.
  2. I'm tooling along in Mistletoe Key, writing my heart out. So excited to wrap this up next week. (And even more excited to cheer Lindsay on when she wraps hers up TOMORROW. Hopefully, (hint, hint: I know you're reading this) I can do this in person when we take a field trip to Interabang, Dallas' newest independent bookstore.) 
  3. Super grateful to my HBIC ladies, always, but especially today because we put out a super amazing Conference Survival Guide. It is amazing. I love what our brains make together. If you're contemplating attending a conference (first-timer or no), you need this in your life. 
  4. And I love our HBIC Slack channel. That deserves it's own point of beauty on today's #5ForFri. Because it's a lifeline. Always. 
  5. I celebrated being an HBIC and all-around badass by doing a little solo ladies-who-lunch at my favorite Dallas spot, Rise nº 1. It is the literal best, and to prove that, here are some pieces of scientifically-gathered evidence: