2019 Planning: Word of the Year

Can’t just stick to one word…

Here I am again, just a girl, standing in front of a New Year, asking it to love me—

and, er, reveal its word to me.

And once again, I can’t come up with a single word. Looks like 2019 has another phrase of the year, and it’s “Anything can happen in a year.”

It’s pretty good, right?

I like to noodle over my word/phrase of the year during December as I wind down Q4, reflect back on business gains and losses, and identify personal successes and failures. And as I was noodling, Mantra Wellness Magazine posted this graphic on their Instagram feed and I was struck. (I regrammed it in my instastory and posted it in my HBIC Co-Founders Slack Channel and couldn’t get it out of my mind.)

Fast forward. It’s New Year’s Eve. I’m still out west at Haughton House. I’m doing laundry (wearing a totally glam outfit of buffalo check longjohns and a V-Day t-shirt that says “You got a BAE or nah?”) and getting packed up to leave tomorrow to hopefully beat the storm back to Big D. And I just can’t get that post out of my head.

So it’s settled. That’s my 2019. No deep dive and poetry like last year. Just a sense of this is so right for me.

But of course I made a pretty graphic for my desktop wallpaper. When I get back to the cozy cottage tomorrow to settle in and really do some pen-to-paper planning, that is what will guide me. #AnythingCanHappenInAYear

If you’d like the wallpaper for yourself—or a square image to post on insta—feel free to grab them here: https://haught.pub/Anything2019 Feel free to share the link with a friend and post where you desire. If you want to credit me, that’s awesome, but you don’t have to. (If you sell the image, that’s not awesome.)


Lexi H.

Springing Forward and Super Fresh Everything

Even though it hurts me a little to write that (I'm a winter girl in a land that no longer has winter, apparently), I'm all kinds of excited for the spring season. Fresh foods. Flowers in bloom. Patio time. And slow, easy walks before it gets nasty hot and humid here in DFW...spring is full of delights. 

It's like THE YEAR OF POSSIBILITIES (my phrase for 2017 that I dreamed up when planning and forecasting my year) is actually starting to take shape and shoot pretty little green things up through the dirt!

I'm sorry (not sorry) for bombarding you with images of my #HBICReatreat2017 on social media. It was a magical long weekend for me--and lucky duck that I am, I managed to extend the Romancelandia love by staying in DC for a few extra days to meet with book bloggers and authors I adore. (Why can't I spend my life traveling and hanging out with everybody I love? Yes, that includes you!)

The crud came upon me once I got home, however, but it was short-lived after a few days of taking it super easy in bed...reading my RITA© books. Aside from that blip, my health and wellness initiative is being disgustingly effective. (Though don't worry about me; I still had a burrito the size of my (giant) face today!) 


PS My InstaStories are off the hook...Are you watching them???

PS My InstaStories are off the hook...Are you watching them???

I'm continuing my love affair with acupuncture and added in a new practice this week. I'm feeling so good, I confessed yesterday to Audra, my beloved acupuncturist, that I trust the process...but I'm still a little worried that the other shoe is going to drop. (PS That's totally normal.)

But right now, it feels like everything is fresh and fabulous and I'm teetering on the edge of something beautiful. AND I'M READING AGAIN. Right? I'd been in a reading slump since last fall, and it feels good to shake that loose. So give me all of your recommendations for filthy sweet fabulous romance.

Don't fret: I'm also working on lots of SEEKRIT PROJECTS. Romanced by the Cover is going strong and I'm working on a brand new project that is exciting the pants off of me (metaphorically)...and my characters (literally). ;) 

A grateful heart

I'm grateful that you let me and my stories into your home, your mind, and your heart. I'm grateful that our community of readers and writers believes in the power of words--and that love conquers all! And I'm grateful that even when times are darkest, there's a spark of light if we just look for it. 

Holidays aren't always easy--for a multitude of reasons--but my wish for you this Thanksgiving is for you to find that spark of light. And hold on to it. Tight. <3

And speaking of holding on, I have a few freebie digital downloads for you.

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