Lessons From a Golden Heart

This week’s #TheYearToBe___ word is helpful. It’s a good word to be, no? Only, when I randomly picked this word on New Year’s Eve and assigned it to this week, I thought it was going to mean I was going to focus this week on helping others. Instead, I have had nothing but help this week.

Oh, universe, you really are something. (Thank you!)

Last fall I signed up to judge the first round of the Golden Heart Award entries. (In case you don’t know, the Golden Heart Award recognizes excellence in unpublished romance fiction. And it’s a very big deal.) When I signed up, I’m sure helpful wasn’t the first word to cross my mind. I’m sure it was more like nosy—ooooh, wonder what other people are working on. Or guilt—I probably should sign up to judge if I want someone to judge me some day.

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