Five for Friday: Back in the Saddle Edition

I'm back in Big D...until next week, anyway. (Le sigh. Haughtons are so busy from April-August!) Back at my second-favorite Starbucks today getting stuff done! It's always bittersweet to leave the fam, but it's always nice to be back in my own space, on my own schedule...which is JAM PACKED today, so....

Let's get to today's moments of beauty, shall we? 

  1. The HBICs of HBIC Nation are pulling together something AMAZING right now. I've been working on the formatting for a downloadable/printable/clickable piece of beauty. If you want to be among The First to see it, make sure you're a citizen of HBIC Nation. This secret little downloadable/printable/clickable piece of beauty will hit your inboxes next week. YAY!
  2. It was literally FRY-yay today as I splurged on a Whataburger brunch today. (Not one ounce of guilt. I'm having a greek salad for supper.) #ADWOFF
  3. Speaking of brunch! My childhood BFF is in town for a dealie bopper and just texted to see if I was free for brunch tomorrow! All the exclamation marks!!!!
  4. If you follow me on Twitter, you know I lament (frequently) that Starbucks music is hit or miss. Today, it's a total hit. I'm relieved I'm the only one at the long table today because I'm currently humming along with Louis Armstrong's "Give Me a Kiss to Build a Dream On."**

5. And I've been waiting for tonight for two years! SOMETHING ROTTEN is touring and the Dallas bestie and I are going to see it. (After a snug dinner en famille with her darling children whom I adore to distraction and might be better entertainment than the touring production. To be determined.) 

Katie Dunneback and I saw the original cast* in New York the summer RWA was there. We were crammed up in the nosebleeds, I got a bruise on the outside of my thigh that lasted for over a month, and I loved every minute of it. HOWEVER, I'm excited to see it with the Dallas bestie because she's a fellow theatre nerd and Shakespeare scholar. AND OH MY GRAVY I JUST LOOKED UP THE CAST AND I THINK ADAM PASCAL IS SHAKESPEARE AND I MIGHT CRY. (I warned you about the theatre nerd part.) 

*And the next night Brian D'Arcy James was sitting directly in front of me when Lindsay Emory and I were at Taye Diggs' first night as Hedwig. 

**See what I did there? This song is on the "Sleepless in Seattle" soundtrack--along with Back in the Saddle.  

EDIT: now we've cycled to something that's got a sexy little back beat and I might need to be restrained. <sway, sway, sway> But I just shazammed it and it's telling me it's a Bobby Vee song and lololol no it is not. My mom adores Bobby Vee (and Bobby Vinton too) and I was raised on BV and this is not BV. EDIT: hahahahah omg I'm a moron. I accidentally hit Pandora first and it was playing a BV song. The current, sexy song is "Believe" by Benjamin Booker. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Five for Friday: Have You Lost Your Mind (?) Edition

Okay, I'm kind of cheating because some of this Five For Friday gloriousness happened yesterday afternoon. However, once you hear that I spent over half my day driving home for Father's Day, you can't really blame me too much for relying upon near-past events to round out my list. 

But I'll start with the actual Friday stuff for journalistic integrity: 

  1. I'm settled in in my #satelliteoffice here at Haughton House with sweet poodle-brother Max keeping an eye on me plus the cupcake by my side. (Reader: I need that cupcake. Today was a doozie.) Oh, and this reminds me. What is perfect with a cupcake? A cup of earl grey. Hold the line, I'll return shortly. 
  2. Ah, that's better. Continuing on. I got in some great incubation time while driving west today. It was like being in the shower (where 83% of all my great ideas happen)--but not, for obvious reasons. I even managed to record some of them with voice dictation without them ending up too weird and illegible AND I squeezed in a few hands-free calls with some business partners and my mermaid mogul life coach glitter boss extraordinaire, Laura von Holt. And I cannot wait to share some of this genius with you, but a few aren't my secrets to tell, so I'll wait. Patiently. Gah. 
  3. Three total strangers complimented me on my dress today. (Uh, which in the interest of full disclosure was the same one I wore yesterday.) 

Which leads me to numbers four and five on the list that actually happened yesterday (in the same dress) but were so fabulous they totally have to count for today. 

I met sweet Bodhi the Giant (pictured below with his big sister). 

My design alter ego Romanced by the Cover gave local writing bestie Lindsay Emory's brand a little facelift and we spent yesterday getting everything all set up and transferred over to her new site. (It's really purdy, you should check it out...once you've finished reading this blog, natch.)  

BUT it didn't end there, my friends. We also used our face-to-face time to do a little world domination scheming and plotting. Literally. Because we have both lost our darn minds and are going to write A BOOK IN A WEEK. 

*Let the record show: Lindsay was the first to lose her darn mind and decide to write her Christmas book in a week. But since we're going to be releasing our books within a week or two of each other this fall, I somehow got roped into the BIAW experiment too. 

**Let the record show: "I somehow got roped into the BIAW experiment too" is code for FOMO ALERT. And also maybe a little friendly competition. 


Not that it's a competition. At all. Not that Lindsay Slacked me a picture of her FB announcement (Exhibit A, to the right) because I can't log on to FB, or anything. :) 

Y'all, I can't wait to share with you more about Mistletoe Key and our books--and the books to follow that will be set in the same world!--and the process of writing the first draft of my Christmas book (set for a November 13th release!). 

After yesterday's #DreamDoDominate meeting, I'm beyond excited to see how these characters I've dreamed up fit with the other residents and tourists of Mistletoe Key, Florida--our sunny, romantic island where it's perpetually Christmas in paradise.

Except it's not paradise for my heroine, who is a total Ms. Grinch. But don't worry, Hunter "Blue" Bowen, bona fide hockey god, is gonna turn her frown--and her whole world--upside down. 

Make sure you're following Lindsay on Facebook (and all her other social media, for that matter). From what we chatted about yesterday, I know she's plotting out a love story that's gonna knock your socks off. 

OH YEAH. I GET TO MAKE A MAP!!!!!! #5ForFri bonus. ;)


Five for (Good) Friday

I decided to stay on out west until after Easter (littlest little's bday was last weekend), so I'm enjoying my #SatelliteOffice in my mom's formal dining room for a few more days. It's just steps from the tea kettle, so that's perfect--but that also means it's just steps from THE JUNK DRAWER.

Today's seeking beauty + mindful moments were manifold, but here's the top five:

1. The last of Laura von Holt's (free!) #GetUnstuck webinar workshops was today and totally inspired me to ACTION. These have been such a blessing--much like Laura, herself. Check to see if you can still sign up and get the REPLAY. And if you are really serious about not just dreaming but doing (in ANY creative journey), I encourage you to sign up for her CIJ class. This one is going to be super special. I can feel it. (And not just because I'm going to be a student in it!)

2. Even though I continue to refuse to move back out west, I do enjoy my visits...which are a lot more frequent now that my brother and his girls are here. I love fixing breakfast for me and my poodle-brother and sitting down to an at-home lunch with my mom. (How come leftovers taste so good at Haughton House?

3. . I took a nap. Yep. I listened to my body and it said whoa, girl, either you slow down or we are gonna slow it down for you. So I anointed myself with some DigestZen essential oil and went to snuggle my body pillow. And I made the executive decision that I was not going to work late tonight.

4. ...because I'm going to take a bubble bath and read a dang book. With some pink sea salts, natch. 

5. Oh yeah, and while I was waiting for Daddy to come home for supper, I started updating my Adobe Creative Cloud apps (since it's gonna take forever and I'd already decided to take the night off). With all that time on my hands, I got a head start on winning the BEST AUNT EVER AWARD and got the littles' Easter Baskets together.