#TheYearToBe___ all the things!

Last week was DIRECT and this week is ENERGETIC.

And lemme tell you, my direct focus of last week will EXPLODE into joyous energy tomorrow. So many fun things afoot.  

Not the least of which is another flash fiction blog hop. Find out all the sweet, sexy details over on Audra North's blog and pop back by ye olde Alexandra Haughton blog on 8.8 when I revisit my favorite body double and his most special lady friend. 

As for the rest? I'm a TERRIBLE TEASE. You'll just have to wait and see. 


First Kiss Blog Hop: The Professional

It’s the last day of our FIRST KISS Flash Fiction Blog Hop. It’s been extraordinarily exciting to wake up each morning and read the day’s stories. (I’m dying for it to be morning so I can pounce on Amber Belldene and Stacy Reid. Their stories. Not them. Although eight days of sexy first kisses have certainly demonstrated how attractive attraction can be!) 

I haven’t written flash fiction since grad school—for that matter, I haven’t put up anything for public consumption since then, either. So, wheeeeeee. I’m as jittery and giggly as dear Felicity, whom you’re about to meet…except I don’t get to kiss a handsome dude at the end of this. Sigh. Lucky Felicity. 

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