Dîner en Blanc Dallas

It's after Labor Day, but this southern city is about to see more than a thousand people breaking all the rules! On Thursday, I'll join 1200 strangers at an undisclosed location for the first ever Dîner en Blanc in Dallas. 

The event, though invitation only, is all very streamlined--registration online, online marketplace, message boards, &c. Not much like, I imagine, those first glamorous, mysterious, whispered-only Dîners en Blanc in Paris, but I'm absolutely delighted I was able to secure two seats! 

After schlepping (in a very elegant manner, of course) a table, two chairs, and everything required for a fine dining experience to a rendezvous point, we'll travel to an undisclosed, iconic location in the Big D. Once there, we'll set up, dine, drink, laugh--and I've heard tell of a fireworks display. 

All on a school night! (Good thing I have a very forgiving boss.) 

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