Fun Things To Do in Dallas with Kids

"You've got a a bar." --Sweet Home Alabama

I imagine taking your kids to RT is a little bit like this. But maybe that's because the only RT I've been to was in New Orleans which is, in my experience, one big party. (Until you come down with pneumonia; they say two thousand zero zero party over, ooops, out of time.) 

But I digress. 

If you're bringing your family with you to our fair city of Dallas (and I know a few of you are thinking about it because you've asked me to write this post), there are a lot of things your husband/wife/partner can do with the kiddos while you're enjoying the sessions. 

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Giddy Up

Well heck, y’all. It looks like I never posted #TheYearToBe___ kickass post I wrote. I guess, in part, because last week completely kicked my ass. (Yeah.) Perhaps it’s best to fast forward to this week; we are in the Ls; and the word of the week is lighthearted.

Luckily, the weather is gorgeous in the mornings here in Dallas, so I can escape the mall walkers and get out into nature. This morning, the Dallas bestie and I strolled through the Dallas Arboretum. It's always gorgeous, but it's especially awesome this time of year. 

pumpkin village.png

I confess, it's hard to feel grumpy when in the company of a super smiley ten week old baby girl and pretty, pretty green things. I left the arboretum with a decided kick in my step. 

What are you up to this week?