Curiosity Saved the Cat

If you are a newbie to writing and/or a first-timer at RWA Annual Conference, the phrase “goal, motivation, and conflict” (or its abbreviation GMC) must have seemed like a secret password. But not really so very secret, because it’s not whispered or mimed. Although that would be awesome. Maybe we can get a secret writer handshake.

Wait…is there a secret writer handshake that I don’t know about?

The conference was full of GMC. I had breakfast with my Wyoming writers (more on this SOON) and did some major goal setting. One of the sessions I moderated was Madeline Hunter’s workshop on motivation. And though I had a prior commitment during Sarah MacLean’s Saturday session, I couldn’t help but retweet a revised tweet with my favorite Sarah Mac-ism: conflict lives in the but(t)s.

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