The Writing Process Blog Hop of 2014

Thank you to my delightful Twitter friend Amy Jo Cousins for tagging me in The Writing Process Blog Hop of 2014. Although I am delighted to share, I’m terrified this line will end with me. (I suddenly feel like an unmarried Regency hero—titled, without wife, without hope of legitimate issue.) I’m supposed to tag several authors to answer the same four questions I will answer, and the writers before me have answered…

If you don’t know Miz Amy Jo/AJ Cousins, I suggest you acquaint yourself with her—on Twitter or on the page. Her latest release, Calling His Bluff, is a super (!) read. And in a few months we’ll be together between the same cover. That sounds entirely too scandalous. I assure you, it is not. We’ll be joining seven other authors in the first of two charity anthologies benefitting RAINN (Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network); Summer Rain will be available June 2014. There are four questions in this blog hop. I’ll try to keep this brief. (Ahem, Amy.) 

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