Five for Friday: Restorative Edition

Home from a magical whirlwind of Romancelandia love on the east coast...and now I have something that isn't quite con crud but is keeping me down a little. 

So I'm conducting business from bed! (Like a fortune cookie but with less sugar.)  

Here are five lovely things about my Friday:

1. RITA BOOKS. An excuse to lay around and read is a beautiful thing.  

2. DōTERRA. I've been slathering myself in essential oils to try and head off whatever ick is trying to attach itself to me. And I smell goooooood. 

3. ICE CREAM. My poor throat needed it. 

4. MY MOM. Had a sweet little chat with Mumsie this evening. Moms rule. I'm sure I'm healed just by hearing her voice. 

5. EARLY BEDTIME. Presented without explanation. 

Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken

Did you ever see the film Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken? It was pretty popular on the elementary sleepover circuit for a few years back--well, make that twenty years ago in the early 90s. It was beautiful and heartbreaking and life affirming and girl power (!!!)...and it had that hot dude from Sixteen Candles

Yep. Jake Ryan. Except Jake Ryan wore Depression-era clothing. And boots. Really tall riding boots. 

But I digress. 

It was a film that reduced me to nothing but snotty tears (Oh, there Lexi goes again--why does she always cry in movies? She's so weird.) by the time it was over. And yet, I watched it over and over, knowing how it would affect me. And relishing in it. 

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Putting Out

Somewhere along the way I went from would-talk-to-a-lamppost girl to please-don't-make-me-converse-with-strangers girl. (Though "girl" isn't the most precise word, I cannot bring myself to type "woman." Weird. Maybe this is a topic for another #TheYearToBe___ confessional.)

So here's a shout out to all of the people who jot down notes (okay, a full script) before placing a phone call. This week, put yourself out there.

Be OUTGOING. Here, maybe sparkles will help.

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