Five for Friday: Quick and Dirty Edition

My beloved MacBook Pro is out of sorts, so this #5ForFri is coming at you quick and dirty from my phone. (Lordy, I hope there's autocorrect.) 

You know you like it dirty: 

  • I washed my car yesterday (to get rid of west Texas road dust and bug guts) which means I Am The Goddess of Rain. It rained off and on most of the day and is now gloriously un-hot here in Dallas. Not cool by any stretch of the imagination, but a pleasant 70-something. <happy sigh>
  • Speaking of pleasant: even though Photoshop decided to hijack my computer today, I did spend a delightful day working at the library in my favorite spot. Just not doing the work I'd planned on. 
  • Also a burrito. But in a bowl. Because health. 
  • And while I'm praying for my computer's return to good health after uninstalling and reinstalling...and reinstalling...and reinstalling Photoshop & Illustrator, I'm choosing self-care over worry tonight and reading a dang romance novel. Or two. 

Five for Friday: Banana Pants Edition

Okay, mabye not banana pants, but close enough. (You'll see.) A bit NSFWish. (Although it's a very tasteful toile de jouy.)

Today's #5ForFriday is a pictoral*:

*If you're viewing this on your smartphone, turn it sideways to make the captions magically appear. <3

Five for (Good) Friday

I decided to stay on out west until after Easter (littlest little's bday was last weekend), so I'm enjoying my #SatelliteOffice in my mom's formal dining room for a few more days. It's just steps from the tea kettle, so that's perfect--but that also means it's just steps from THE JUNK DRAWER.

Today's seeking beauty + mindful moments were manifold, but here's the top five:

1. The last of Laura von Holt's (free!) #GetUnstuck webinar workshops was today and totally inspired me to ACTION. These have been such a blessing--much like Laura, herself. Check to see if you can still sign up and get the REPLAY. And if you are really serious about not just dreaming but doing (in ANY creative journey), I encourage you to sign up for her CIJ class. This one is going to be super special. I can feel it. (And not just because I'm going to be a student in it!)

2. Even though I continue to refuse to move back out west, I do enjoy my visits...which are a lot more frequent now that my brother and his girls are here. I love fixing breakfast for me and my poodle-brother and sitting down to an at-home lunch with my mom. (How come leftovers taste so good at Haughton House?

3. . I took a nap. Yep. I listened to my body and it said whoa, girl, either you slow down or we are gonna slow it down for you. So I anointed myself with some DigestZen essential oil and went to snuggle my body pillow. And I made the executive decision that I was not going to work late tonight.

4. ...because I'm going to take a bubble bath and read a dang book. With some pink sea salts, natch. 

5. Oh yeah, and while I was waiting for Daddy to come home for supper, I started updating my Adobe Creative Cloud apps (since it's gonna take forever and I'd already decided to take the night off). With all that time on my hands, I got a head start on winning the BEST AUNT EVER AWARD and got the littles' Easter Baskets together.