Ringly: Wearable Tech for the Chic Set

Three weeks ago, I fell in love. (If you saw my first 5ForFri post or follow me on Instagram, then you already know how much I love my new smart ring from Ringly.)

I mean, how could I not be in love? I'm practically Elizabeth Taylor with this thing on my hand! 


A huge honkin' emerald AND wearable tech? Yeah. And it's fabulous.

Already, my productivity has spiked since I've been wearing it. I'm no longer constantly checking my phone for alerts because I've got a customized subtle vibration + LED light pattern on my finger, so I know what I can ignore and what I need to respond to lickety split. (With the swipe of a finger on my app, I can even silence everything but a reminder for me to get up and stretch while I'm working.)

My Ringly is also an activity tracker--which is the real reason I bought it. Since I am at my computer all day...and night...bracelets and I just don't get along. And my fitbit was SOOOOO ugly. But my Ringly will keep track of steps and calories for me. All while looking fabulous! 

So, of course, when I came out west last week, my mom was super envious of my new toy--I mean super practical productivity and fitness tool. Today, her cool mom status is kicked up a notch with the arrival of this Ocean Blue Beauty.

Lapis Ringly & Into the Woods Ringly

And those boxes? They're the chargers! How clever and darling is that? 

Okay, real talk, this isn't a promoted post because although I'm an influencer with my mom, I'm not a superfamousinstagrambloggerperson. BUT the links to Ringly in this post will get you $25 off your first purchase with them...and maybe some credit to go to my dream of having one for every single day of the week. ;) 

If you want to chat about how these will totally change your work day, drop me a line or @ me on Twitter. I'd love to share more with you about how I use it. <3

Five for Friday


Since I left my day job, I've kind of become a little bit like the dowager Countess of Grantham: "what is a weekend?"

No, it's not because I'm a member of the aristocracy (though if you have an heir or a spare lying around, be sure and give him my number). It's because when you freelance, every day is a workday.

But I've decided that I'm going to make Fridays FriYAYs in 2017--sure, I'll get a little work done, but I'm going to celebrate life by doing extra fun things or enjoying little moments (or objects) and report back. 

And if I miss one here or there, just know it's because I'm out having a fabulous time with a British spy who is also at a Navy SEAL and heir to a Dukedom. Who has a ranch in Wyoming and an island in the Maldives. And rides a motorcycle. 

So here goes the inaugural Five for Friday:  

1. Had a super fantastic lady lunch with my local braintrust. Cookies, laughter, and tears were shared. And plans for world domination, duh. 

2. Return of blanket scarf weather! 

3.  It was raining so I couldn't go for a walk outside, so I decided to get a manicure with an extra long arm and hand massage.  

4. I got news my childhood bff will be in town next week. < hallelujah hands

5. I got two awesome things in the mail – both of which will make productivity so much more beautiful. (And if you follow me on Instagram – especially Instagram stories – you already got a sneaky peek of them.) 

I LOVE my  ringly . &nbsp;(Yeah, that's a ginormo emerald.) Wearable tech FTW.&nbsp;

I LOVE my ringly.  (Yeah, that's a ginormo emerald.) Wearable tech FTW.