Five for Friday: Quick and Dirty Edition

My beloved MacBook Pro is out of sorts, so this #5ForFri is coming at you quick and dirty from my phone. (Lordy, I hope there's autocorrect.) 

You know you like it dirty: 

  • I washed my car yesterday (to get rid of west Texas road dust and bug guts) which means I Am The Goddess of Rain. It rained off and on most of the day and is now gloriously un-hot here in Dallas. Not cool by any stretch of the imagination, but a pleasant 70-something. <happy sigh>
  • Speaking of pleasant: even though Photoshop decided to hijack my computer today, I did spend a delightful day working at the library in my favorite spot. Just not doing the work I'd planned on. 
  • Also a burrito. But in a bowl. Because health. 
  • And while I'm praying for my computer's return to good health after uninstalling and reinstalling...and reinstalling...and reinstalling Photoshop & Illustrator, I'm choosing self-care over worry tonight and reading a dang romance novel. Or two. 

Gifted and Talented

Birthdays. Mother’s Day. Graduation. There’s a lot going on this time of year. And if you’re on my list, you may or may not be seeing something similar in the near future. Just saying. (You should probably stop reading now, Mom.)

It’s not coming out until August, but there’s no law against IOUs. Julia Blake’s (aka Julia Kelly) CHANGING THE PLAY is only $1.99 on pre-order right now. So maybe also pick up one of these while you’re at it. (I loved my paperwhite--why did I ever get a Voyager?)

Word on the street: you can get the rose agenda monogrammed this year! I'm also fond of the upbeat reminder that YOU'RE KILLING IT. 

And if you’re grabbing one of the beauties to give someone, you should probably also grab one my favorite multipacks of pens. The Le Pen (quite unfortunate moniker these days) or the Staedtler Fineliner are glorious felt-tipped pens. I love them. (Yes, I still love my FLAIR PENS. But sometimes you need a thin profile.) Also, make sure you aren’t greedy like I am. The super multipacks of the Staedtlers don’t come in the fabulous plastic carrying case. So stick with the 20-something and not the 36 or 48. 

Now that I'm putting this together, I realize it's basically a list of everything you should get me. #SorryNotSorry. 

Sugar Paper

You know I love pretty paperie. And graduation is a super great time to give stationery. (Thank you notes make especially good gifts, don't you think? There’s no excuse not to get one in return that way.) Sugar Paper is all about millennial pink, but these stellar cards on a gorgeous dove grey are my favorite. Now if they’d only make them in rose gold foil...

And while you're at Sugar Paper...take a look at this pretty little doo-dad. My mom keeps a well-stocked desk, but I think her stamp dispenser is a lame plastic one—we might be changing that this year.

The best gift you’ll ever get is amazing skin and non-hurty joints. Lindsay Emory got us all on the collagen train, and I adore her for it. If giving a jar of powdered bovine…stuff...isn’t your idea of a great gift, well, order some for yourself. Your marionette lines will thank you.

Oh, and grab a giant bottle of this while you’re at it. (Don’t let that gorgeous blue tint scare you. It really does sink in beautifully.) Retinol can be scary, but this is so nice on my super oily and sensitive skin. Have a college grad in your life? Give her the gift of stopping the clock. She'll thank you in 15 years. 

But what's a gift edit without a gift for you, eh? Remember, our HBIC Nation philosophy is that everyone should get free stickers if they want them. So head on over and claim your free stickers. And, if you're so inclined, grab up a super rad tee or tank for HBIC livin. 15% off during launch week (ends 5.11.17). 

HBIC Nation: The Origin Story

It started with glitter. 

No, really. I'm not just saying that. It really did. 

Okay, maybe I am just saying that, but glitter is totally involved

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you might recall the grand adventure I took in February, meeting up with five of my darling writer friends in the rolling hills of Virginia. (It was glorious.) It basically started there. Or, rather, with the planning of the retreat.

You see, I was never an athlete--except for that long, long ago season my sorority was Flag Football Champion--but I love jerseys. They're just so darn cool. They say, without any words necessary, "hey, these people are together." 

And the six of us? Oh, we were SO TOGETHER. We'd taken to calling ourselves HBIC on our slack channel, so that was an obvious choice for our retreat swag. (PS: HBIC = Head Bitch in Charge)

But you can't just design a jersey, no, you need a logo, and, if you're me, you also need a printer that will screen print your jerseys in GLITTER INK. (Thank you, CustomInk. I love you.) 

But you can't just have a jersey. You need coffee mugs. And stickers. AND A MOTTO!

Check and quadruple check. Oh, it was SO HARD TO KEEP THEM SECRET. The grand unveiling around our farmhouse table was kind of like the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, I'm not gonna lie. (Except with booze. And candles.)  

HBIC Coffee Mug

And then, as is wont to happen when six badass women get together, they start thinking. And they start finishing each other's sentences. And it isn't long until they're putting together A PLAN that had been inside of them all, just waiting to blossom into magnificence. 

And that, my friends, is how HBIC NATION began. 

Our little community of creatives is so strong. We are all the things for each other: tech support desk, water cooler gossip, BFF, cheerleader, task mistress, and content experts. And today, we are opening up HBIC Nation to all of the wide world. Because every HBIC needs her team in place. 

Our mission is clear. Our vision is strong: HIBC Nation is a place to learn, share, and grow your creative empire—plus have one heck of a good time while doing it. 

Come see what we're all about. Join our community...and get prepared to transform your creative life with other creatives from all walks of life. HBIC Nation isn't just about community (though that's freaking awesome). HBIC Nation will offer exclusive content and mentorship opportunities, both online and in person. 

What are you waiting for? 

Oh, oh! I almost forgot. We've got a 15% off deal in our teespring store that's good for launch week. (Show your HBIC pride!) Make sure you click this link as there aren't any places to add the promo code at checkout. <3

And if you want FREE STICKERS (and who doesn't), email one of the HBICs here and we'll send some to ya. 

Check out the other HBICs and what they have to say on their blogs and/or social media about our super duper faboo launch week: