Five for Friday: I’m on a Bus Edition

I’m on a bus! Not as glam as being on a boat, I know. But it’s still pretty rad. (Especially if you factor in these first-class style seats and no naked-scanners at the airport.) 

I’m on my way back to Dallas from a quick trip to Houston to welcome Texas’ newest resident, Miz Shari Slade. She’s got a new apartment (we are hilariously calling “The Lady Pad”) and a new job. I’m so excited for this newest chapter in her life. 

So here’s to Friday and all of the beautiful things about it!

1.    Vonlane, the bus company, is awesome. If you’re in Dallas, Houston, or Austin and need to make a little jaunt to Houston, Austin, or Dallas, I highly recommend it. (You can pretend you’re on some kind of glamorous international railway instead of a tricked out Greyhound.) I’m getting no kickback from this...just happy to travel in style and comfort without the stress of the airport.
2.    Shout out to some awesome foodie scenes in H-town. Between unpacking cars full of boxes and belongings, shelf-papering, and transforming the sweet Lady Pad from bare to beautiful, Shari and I got out for some great grub. Coco Crepes and The Blacksmith are on my list for all return trips.
3.    This weekend is the annual Buns and Roses Tea benefiting the Richardson Adult Literacy Center. I love the event because it celebrates Romancelandia and is a great fundraiser for the RALC who does such important work in our community. I’m delighted to sponsor this event and always excited to dress up and have tea with fellow bibliophiles. OH! And if you have new settlement credit at B&N, use code #12168456 until the 27th and you’ll support RALC with your purchase. 
4.    And speaking of B&N purchases, now would be an awesome time to celebrate Laura von Holt’s debut erotic romance KING OF THE SEA (published under Madame de Boudior pseudonym). If you were always more into King Triton than Prince Eric, you’re going to want to grab this story. Plus, it’s dedicated TO ME. 
5.    I’ve gotten so many sweet tweets and emails about my Destination, Love series. You guys are making my heart so full. Remember THIS CHRISTMAS is absolutely free. (I know, I know, it’s October, but I’m about to start binge-reading all holiday romance all the time, so I figure you might want to, too.) 


The Joy of Pollen

I know why we need pollen. Scientifically. And I suppose, even aesthetically, that pretty film of chartreuse green that anoints everything in the spring is a joy. But what it does to my body isn't pretty. 

It's springtime in west Texas. We have pollen AND dust storms. I'm doomed. 

This morning, I woke up with insane allergy eyes: super puffy (like, get back Stay Puffed Marshmallow man, I'm the new sheriff in town), the color of a flamingo after a bender, plus a serious case of the itchies. In short, AGONY EYES. 

And then I remembered these Patchology dealie boppers I bought in bulk (on crazy sale) at the last FabFitFun add-on period*. (Mine are optimized for travel and come individually wrapped in a box, but you can bet your sweet Aunt Betty that I'll be buying these for home-use too.) 

I know I applied them incorrectly. #BeautyBloggerFail. But after 15 minutes** of toddling around the house with them on (raising a few eyebrows from both Mom and my poodle-brother), all of my complaints were addressed. 

All of them. 

I also got the lip patches, and I really want to play with them now that I think Patchology is a miracle, but I'm but a mere mortal and two miracles per day might be pressing my luck. 

But if you're lucky and follow me on Instagram, you can view my eye patch Insta Story hilarity. 


*PS that's your code to get $10 off your first box if you want one. :)

**Yes, I know it says 5 minutes on the packet, but I'm a rebel. 

Five for Friday: Travel Edition

Quickie #5ForFriday tonight since I'm just at a stopover at my mom and dad's house before heading out to Sedona tomorrow! #TheYearofPossibilities is in full swing, people, and life is beautiful.

  • Spent the morning fixing eggs for the poodle-brother (as seen on insta) and working from my satellite my ratty old house dress. BLISS.
  • Impromptu invitation from my sister-in-law to run up to the Littles' school and see littlest little's project. It was the cutest and the coolest. Kids are so rad. Especially ours. 
  • Fantabulous parmesan crusted chicken lunch with Mum. (Followed by a shared red velvet cupcake chaser.)
  • The 1/2 red velvet cupcake from Sprinkles should really get its own bullet point. Because cream cheese frosting.
  • Laundry done (yes, I left my house in Dallas and did laundry out here and I'm an adult and have a working washer and dryer in my own cozy cottage) and am getting things laid out for my trip to Sedona and Santa Fe! 

Oh, and I changed my social media avatar and headshot.

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Different pic. Same face. (It me!)