Happy National Rescue Dog Day!

Dogs are love

When my darling friends Lindsay Emory and Ophelia London and I decided to write The Last Plus One, we knew two things: it had to be swoony and it had to have dogs.

Honestly, what’s better than falling in love to the pitter patter of sweet doggie feet?

In these three novellas that take place at the same beach wedding in Maine, the bride’s mother’s rescue dogs are always around. On the beach when they’re not supposed to be, roaming the extensive grounds of their compound, even chilling with the guests at the lavish pre-wedding cocktail party in the parlor.

And maybe, just maybe, they give a cupid-like nudge to the three couples as they figure out they’ve met their last plus one.

Do you love your romance with a side of sweet puppy love?

I have a signed paperback of The Last Plus One to give away—just tag me in a Twitter or Instagram post* (I’m @WriterAHaughton) with your favorite mutt. Make sure to use hashtag #TLPOdoggy so I see it. Post by midnight May 31, 2019*

*If you don’t have Twitter or Instagram, feel free to email me your picture.

**void where prohibited by law. Open to US residents only because of shipping concerns. Winner will be notified on social media. If I haven’t heard back from you by 6.7.19, you’ll forfeit your prize and I’ll attempt to select another winner.

Five for Friday: BIRTHDAYWEEK™ Edition

We all know my BIRTHDAYWEEK™ thing is serious business--even though it kind of snuck up on me this year. Here it is Friday, and boom! Birthdaystravaganzas are upon us. 

I could do my whole #5ForFriday post today about the five-ish hours I spent with the glorious Lindsay Emory, local writing bestie extraordinaire, at our secret Panera. (It's all about mobile ordering cookies, y'all.) But I won't because that might embarrass her. 

But she is getting top billing on...

The Top Five Beautiful Things That Happened to Me This Friday:

1. Cookies and gossip and plotting world domination with Lindsay Emory, my BIRTHDAYWEEK™  sister and parter in general and specific shenanigans. 

2. Friday night pizza at EATZI's for $10...and leftovers in the freezer, holla!

3. I got super great mail today. Who doesn't love opening packages? Even though I, ahem, totally forgot I ordered the stuff that arrived today. But that makes it like a surprise, doesn't it? ;)

4. The Return of My Words! I don't know what's gotten into me this week, but I'll take it. The muse has returned and I've been writing up a storm. Maybe I should have put that as #1 on this list so I don't drive all that inspiration away. 

5. Speaking of driving, I'm prepping to go home for the Haughton Family BIRTHDAYWEEK™ Celebration. Which isn't really that arduous at all considering I've only been home for a few nights and didn't really unpack. (Should I admit that? Oh well. Real talk. I know you love it.) 

Oh, and if you want to enter an #AmazonSweepstakes for one of NINE copies of The Last Plus One, make sure you enter by clicking here