Debriefing RWA16

No joke: going to RWA is a huge investment. Last year, the conference was held in one of the most expensive travel destinations in America—I still cringe when I think about how much I spent. (For journalistic integrity, I thought about doing the actual math on how much #RWA15 outlay was. However, as someone who did not share a room and only got a so-so deal on a flight to NYC, I’d rather not.) Fuhgeddaboudit.

But I know you already know all about the financial costs. I took an informal poll of those who were not planning to attend, and the number one response to the question “why aren’t you going to Nationals” was resoundingly “the money.” (Anecdotally, everybody at Nationals pulled a face and made grumbling noises about the cost, too.) There are the other costs, too: time off from day jobs, leaving family unattended for days, and travel/large crowd phobias. 

Each year, I tell myself, “Lexi, save your money and skip Nationals next year.” And each year, the promise of education, networking, and fellowship (and this year, potential Navy SEAL sightings!) lures me back in and I sign away a good chunk of change and a week of my summer because the benefits of attending the conference are, though largely intangible, enormous. 

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Lust List: Kate Spade Glitterbug Card Holder

In this edition of Lexi's Favorite Things: KATE SPADE + PINK + GLITTER + ROMANCE

Yeah, you probably need to take a moment after reading that lust list. Or maybe you want to go for a double it again: Kate Spade + Pink + Glitter + Romance

So good. SO GOOD!

But what's better than good? I'M GIVING AWAY A DISCONTINUED PIECE OF KATE SPADE GLORY. I got my glitterbug for Christmas, but you can enter to win one PLUS a sweet digital download of The Last Plus One. Think of it as Christmas in July. Or if Christmas isn't your thing, then just a flipping awesome surprise in July! 

Behold, the glory!

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RWA Indie Book Signing

It's official! Alexandra Haughton (that's me!) will be joining a bunch (!!!) of indie authors at the RWA Indie Book Signing on Thursday, July 14, 2016, from 3-4:30PM in San Diego. 

I'll be signing paperbacks of One Week in Hawaii and the super-duper barely a month old (at that time) The Last Plus One AND I'll have electronic download codes + swag. 

If you're going to RWA, put it on your handy-dandy calendar now...and if you're lucky Tamsen Parker and I might be sitting across the aisle from each other (wearing matching navy outfits). COME SAY HI. 

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