Mistletoe Key: A Christmas Romance...in June?

Most romance writers will tell you it's hard to write Christmas romance novels. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, production schedules usually mean we're scribbling sexy snowball fights and cozy kisses by the fire in the dead heat of summer. 

And let's face it, it's hard to make imaginary people want cuddle when you're sitting in front of a fan, sweating in your office because it's 100 degrees with 97% humidity. There's only so much Burl Ives on repeat that can put you in the holiday spirit when all you want to do is stand spread eagle in front of the AC vents. 

Or maybe that's just me. 

Enter Mistletoe Key. . . 

Ah, Mistletoe Key, Florida--our sunny, romantic island where it's perpetually Christmas in paradise...and kissing Santa Claus is encouraged. 

Except it's not paradise for my heroine, who is a total Ms. Grinch. But don't worry, Hunter "Blue" Bowen, bona fide hockey god, is gonna turn her frown--and her whole world--upside down. 

If you took a peek at last Friday's post, I teased Mistletoe Key and the BOOK IN A WEEK (BIAW) competition Lindsay Emory and I are starting this week. (Okay fine. It's not a competition.) 

Come this Sunday, June 25th (ahem, exactly six months until Christmas), we'll be starting our BIAW project. And it's absolutely perfect because our holiday books are set in the Keys, so maybe I'll figure out some way to make humidity sexy. (It's like method writing, right?)

It's been SO DIFFICULT to hold off writing until June 25th. But I'm a Rule Follower. So no scribbling until at least 12:00:01AM. 

Because the nature of BIAW means I'm drafting so quickly--with huge word count goals each day--I won't have time to sit and daydream. <sigh> That means no pantsing--can't go by the seat of my pants with this one. I had to <gulp> plot it. Beat by glorious beat*.

And because I had to meticulously plot the book, it means I'm dying to write Blue and Kelly's first kiss. (Okay, I'm excited to write their meet cute too. But their first kiss, man. It's gonna be a doozy.) 

So keep your eyes on my social media as Lindsay and I start this BIAW thing. I won't be crazed at all, I'm sure, with all of those huge word counts in front of me. If you need me, I'll be looking just like this inspiration pic for Kelly, totally glam and put together at the Halliday Inn** for a business lunch. (Don't mind me, gleeful author, over here in the corner rubbing my hands together plotting all the ways Blue is going to completely unravel Kelly, the grinchiest of all the Mistletoe Key residents.) 

OH! And before I forget. I think Lindsay is going to share some of her pages AS SHE WRITES. (Say whaaaaaat?) Don't expect that from me. BUT, you might want to expect some flash giveaways as I'm scribbling away on my flash draft. Ho, ho. ho. 


*If you're a romance writer writer and haven't bought yourself a copy of Gwen Hayes' ROMANCING THE BEAT what are you waiting for? 

**The super-fancy (yet to be named) family on Mistletoe Key got sued for naming their inn the Holiday Inn, duh. ;)

Valentine's Rewind Blog Hop

I don't know about other writers, but I find that, after I type THE END a la Joan Wilder (The Joan Wilder), I don't really think about my characters much. While they've "spoken" to me--and through me--during the drafting and revision process, once I've told their story the best way I know how, it's over for me. I don't revisit them or think about them much. 

I must confess: sometimes, I have to go back and re-read my notes to remember, six months later, what their names are. (SORRY IF THAT KILLS THE MAGIC FOR YOU, BELOVED READERS.)

Which is to say, all of this made the prospect of agreeing to this Valentine's Rewind hop...a challenge. Until I remembered Kenna Madison, the much-maligned vapid heiress to a vast pencil fortune in ONE WEEK IN HAWAII. What made it even more challenging? The story came to me in first person. (That...never happens.)

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More Happy Love

More happy love! more happy, happy love!      
  For ever warm and still to be enjoy'd,     
    For ever panting, and for ever young;     
All breathing human passion far above,     
  That leaves a heart high-sorrowful and cloy'd,     
    A burning forehead, and a parching tongue.    

What we've got here, folks, (aside from an excerpt of a Keats' poem) is a humdinger of a blog hop. 

As one of our fierce organizers Tam-Tam puts it: "From February 8th through 12th, we'll be sharing original pieces revisiting characters from old stories. Which characters? You won't know until you read! It could be a deleted scene you never thought you'd get to see. A sex scene in a different character's POV. A where-are-they-now vignette, or even secondary characters who never got their chance to bang...er, have a happily ever after." 

Get excited. Get really excited. My story will go live February 11th (<-- my link (and the website links below) won't work until date of story) but check out the rest of the awesome lineup! 

Monday 2/8  

Tamsen Parker

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Nicole Helm

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Julia Kelly

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Rebekah Weatherspoon

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Adriana Anders

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Tuesday 2/9

Zoe York

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Wednesday 2/10

Rebecca Grace Allen

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Thursday 2/11

Karen Stivali

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Friday 2/12

Amber Belldene

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Alyssa Cole

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Teresa Noelle Roberts

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Thank you Tamsen Parker and Rebecca Grace Allen for putting together this fun hop--look for a BIG OL giveaway to happen, too!