Welcome to Mistletoe Key

Welcome to Mistletoe Key--where it's perpetually Christmas and kissing Santa is encouraged! (AKA welcome to the world I've been living in this week as I tackle the BOOK IN A WEEK (BIAW) challenge set forth by Lindsay Emory.) 

Mistletoe Key Postcard

It's official. I bow to the master.

Lindsay is ON FIRE with her writing. And I'm on fire too. Mine's just more of a slow burn. My BOOK IN A WEEK is turning out to be more like BOOK IN TWO WEEKS...MAYBE TWO AND A HALF. I'm more than okay with that because I'm loving loving loving this project. 

If you're following Lindsay on Facebook, you'll be able to watch all of her FB Lives (even if they aren't live by the time you watch them) about her progress. AND she's posting hot, hot, hot, sweet/funny/sexy snippets from her progress. (Another way she totally wins. I might be LOVING this book I'm writing, but I'm not sharing snippets.) 


Presents. Because that's the Haughton way. What presents, you ask? When I'm finished with the first draft (next week, hallelujah hands, pretty please), I'll draw one winner for a $20 gift card to Amazon or iBooks* so you can fill up your eReader with lots of good stuff. 

All you have to do to enter is let me know (below) you want to be in the running. (And eagle-eyed readers will see there's a spot to request an ARC of my Christmas story!) 

If I win, please send me a GC to:
I'm interested in being part of Lexi's advanced reading team:

**US/UK/CAN/Australia residents only this time. Void where prohibited. Winner must have valid email address where I can send the electronic gift card/code.