Five for Friday: Cloak and Dagger Edition

Secrets. Secrets. Secrets. I've got em. I keep em. 

My top beautiful moments for today are alllllll about the secrets. But I'll give you a little hint: 

  1. I could fill the top five spots on my Romanced by the Cover work. Doing lots of projects for people I love. AND I AM LOVING IT. We are talking hot historicals, sexy contemporaries, some westerns, branding projects, web design. All the (secret) pretties all the time!
  2. I have a SECRET MANUSCRIPT on my eReader right now and it's so good I'm having to use it as my reward to get through the administrivia of the work day. I'm only allowed to read it for 30m before I go to bed. . . but I snuck some in this morning. Because I'm a rebel. 
  3. This time last week, I was on vacation with my mom (and that was a beautiful thing), but I'm delighted to be back in my secret satellite office at Haughton House and taking care of business like an HBIC
  4. I made a bomb-ass Arnold Palmer this afternoon. My secret? Brew one old-fashioned Lipton tea bag with an earl grey (I typically use TAZO) and mix with lemonade of your choice. (Today, we went to HAPPY HOUR at Sonic, so I had fancy lemonade and amazing ice.)
  5. Finally, I'm doing some big soul work taking Laura von Holt's CIJourney course. It's eight weeks of pure magic...and a lot of hurty inner work. But it's beautiful. Today's assignment unlocked some secret stuff like whoa. 

What secrets do you have? My lips are sealed. ;)