Five for Friday: BIRTHDAYWEEK™ Edition

We all know my BIRTHDAYWEEK™ thing is serious business--even though it kind of snuck up on me this year. Here it is Friday, and boom! Birthdaystravaganzas are upon us. 

I could do my whole #5ForFriday post today about the five-ish hours I spent with the glorious Lindsay Emory, local writing bestie extraordinaire, at our secret Panera. (It's all about mobile ordering cookies, y'all.) But I won't because that might embarrass her. 

But she is getting top billing on...

The Top Five Beautiful Things That Happened to Me This Friday:

1. Cookies and gossip and plotting world domination with Lindsay Emory, my BIRTHDAYWEEK™  sister and parter in general and specific shenanigans. 

2. Friday night pizza at EATZI's for $10...and leftovers in the freezer, holla!

3. I got super great mail today. Who doesn't love opening packages? Even though I, ahem, totally forgot I ordered the stuff that arrived today. But that makes it like a surprise, doesn't it? ;)

4. The Return of My Words! I don't know what's gotten into me this week, but I'll take it. The muse has returned and I've been writing up a storm. Maybe I should have put that as #1 on this list so I don't drive all that inspiration away. 

5. Speaking of driving, I'm prepping to go home for the Haughton Family BIRTHDAYWEEK™ Celebration. Which isn't really that arduous at all considering I've only been home for a few nights and didn't really unpack. (Should I admit that? Oh well. Real talk. I know you love it.) 

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