World Book Day

Is it a coincidence that World Book Day coincides with the BIRTHDAYWEEK™ celebrated by Ophelia London, Lindsay Emory, and one Alexandra Haughton (that's me!)? 

I think not. 

While we won't meet to celebrate the trine of LLL awesomeness until next week at our traditional Ladies Who Lunch outing, there's no rule that says we can't celebrate with y'all before then. 

Sooooooo. We are hosting an Amazon Giveaway of TLPO aka The Last Plus One aka a swoon-worthy (and laugh-out-loud funny!) collection of three long novellas. (We're talking about 40k each--no skimping on story or the swoon, my friends.) 

AND because I know not everybody reads on a kindle or kindle app, I've got another giveaway up my sleeve. So stay tuned. 

Make sure to enter the sweepstakes here

Bon chance!