Five for Friday: Travel Edition

Quickie #5ForFriday tonight since I'm just at a stopover at my mom and dad's house before heading out to Sedona tomorrow! #TheYearofPossibilities is in full swing, people, and life is beautiful.

  • Spent the morning fixing eggs for the poodle-brother (as seen on insta) and working from my satellite my ratty old house dress. BLISS.
  • Impromptu invitation from my sister-in-law to run up to the Littles' school and see littlest little's project. It was the cutest and the coolest. Kids are so rad. Especially ours. 
  • Fantabulous parmesan crusted chicken lunch with Mum. (Followed by a shared red velvet cupcake chaser.)
  • The 1/2 red velvet cupcake from Sprinkles should really get its own bullet point. Because cream cheese frosting.
  • Laundry done (yes, I left my house in Dallas and did laundry out here and I'm an adult and have a working washer and dryer in my own cozy cottage) and am getting things laid out for my trip to Sedona and Santa Fe! 

Oh, and I changed my social media avatar and headshot.

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Different pic. Same face. (It me!)