Five for Friday: Restorative Edition

Home from a magical whirlwind of Romancelandia love on the east coast...and now I have something that isn't quite con crud but is keeping me down a little. 

So I'm conducting business from bed! (Like a fortune cookie but with less sugar.)  

Here are five lovely things about my Friday:

1. RITA BOOKS. An excuse to lay around and read is a beautiful thing.  

2. DōTERRA. I've been slathering myself in essential oils to try and head off whatever ick is trying to attach itself to me. And I smell goooooood. 

3. ICE CREAM. My poor throat needed it. 

4. MY MOM. Had a sweet little chat with Mumsie this evening. Moms rule. I'm sure I'm healed just by hearing her voice. 

5. EARLY BEDTIME. Presented without explanation.