Release Day for Destination, Love

My three stories from the One Week in Love anthologies are now reissued as standalone romances under the umbrella of the Destination, Love series.

Each has been freshly edited, recovered with brand new couples and titles, plus Love is Here to Stay has a bonus epilogue that's exclusive to the re-release!

Paperbacks are forthcoming. AND, there will be a new novella in 2018 featuring Leo and Hélène from After the Fall. (You can get an exclusive, sneaky-peek at the bananapants blurb at the end of ATF.)

So, TL;DR:

  • LOVE IS HERE TO STAY: a grumpy, bearded rancher meets his match...with his little sister's best friend;
  • AFTER THE FALL: a vacation fling in paradise gets real serious (and real hot), real quick;
  • THIS CHRISTMAS: a story for all the Misfit Toys out there. Utterly romantic. Might help you put the sparkle back in your season. And it's absolutely free! <3