Five for Friday: Seventy Degrees Edition

Last week, I started a new-to-me blog series called Five for Friday wherein I list, lickety-split, five things I did to really seek out some beauty in the world and enjoy my #FriYAY! 

Little did I know, it would inspire some writing besties to start their own. So this is my official NUMBER ONE on the list because it makes my heart happy to see Julia Kelly and Alexis Anne living out some good times. 

The day is still young, but I've already got my Five for Friday: 

1. Obvs: seeing Julia Kelly and Alexis Anne take #54Fri and make it their own. (Plus Sexy Lexy called me her glitter-sparkle leader and I ain't mad about it.)

2. Julia Kelly's coworkers got in the celebratory spirit and procured a rainbow unicorn for Ms. Kelly. I'm so glad she posted this picture so I can share it. It absolutely made my morning.


3. I celebrated the life of my writing mentor today. It was a bittersweet moment, to be sure, but sitting in the packed chapel was a beautiful experience. There was so much love and laughter in that room, and I know we all yearned to hear one more story. One more joke and see that lazy wink that always followed. Sitting there reminded me of that 20-something girl who sat in his office (laughing, crying, and laugh-crying) for two years and how far she's come...

And how she's still so much the same. 

Mr. T. never poo-pooed my desire to write genre fiction. He never once denigrated romance and suggested I shoot for something approaching "lit-ra-chure." And his wisdom and no-nonsense approach to fiction is something I carry in my heart. 

I'm grateful you were mine, even for a little while. <3

4. I've been designing up a storm over at Romanced by the Cover. And today, I got an order from Sticker Mule. I can't WAIT to share it with you. Just a few more weeks. (PS If you want $10 off your order, you can click this here link:

5. It's 76 degrees. And while I was a bit miffed I couldn't wear the pretty sweater I'd planned to wear to the service today, I'm loving the fresh air and blue skies.