Webster's Pages, Rose Gold, and #ReadWritePlan

I've been shooting for a #nospendseptember--which, in my world, is usually me trying really, really, really hard to avoid Target, Sephora, Target, Paper Source, Target, and a few other places that really get me into trouble. 

(The next time I plan one of these, I should start out calling it #mindfulSpendX--where X=month--because all I accomplish by calling it "no spend" is set myself up for failure.) 

If you've been following my (mis)adventures on social media, you already know I've been traveling a bunch lately. April to August is always my busy season--but now it's even busier since my brother's family moved back to my hometown. And, because of that, I totally forgot about a few online orders I placed during the aftermath of #RWA16 and #ReadWritePlan

I literally tripped over a box this morning and FOUND THE MOST PERFECT ITEMS EVER from Webster's Pages. (PS they're almost totally sold out on WP's website; however, you can still grab some--and for a DISCOUNT--over at blitsy <-- that's a referral code, so you get $10 off your first order in addition to the deeply discounted stationery pretties.)

THE GRAND UNBOXING, Presented Without Comment:

(Without comment, except for please forget you're seeing that tragically manicured hand; i was just so excited about showing off these new pretties, I forgot myself. What can I say?)


If pink isn't your thing, there are other colors, too. Plus blitsy has stickers and tons of other crafty DIY stuff. I'll definitely be sending my mother the referral code, too: http://blitsy.com/ref/d72zmg