Pronoun and The Verbs

Pronoun and The Verbs. Sounds like a hella cool rock band from the early 80s, doesn't it? 

In reality, Pronoun (now part of Macmillan Publishers) is a web-based tool for independent authors who want to self publish, and The Verbs is its awesome industry blog sister site.

Though knowing some of the people who write for The Verbs, it wouldn't surprise me if they formed a rock band. They're total rockstars. (This is where I disclose I am writing for The Verbs. Rather, my cover designing alter ego over at Romanced by the Cover is writing for The Verbs.) 

There are five different categories the blog covers: Data Smackdown, Marketing Madness, Tinker Tailor, Industry Whatsit, and Writing (Life) & Hijinks. And you'll find articles from Maya Rodale, Diane Kelly, Karen Booth, Marie Force, and Megan Frampton, among others. It's a great new resource that you should totally check out. (This is also where I disclose I signed up for Pronoun and started reading The Verbs before I submitted articles to them.)

This week, Part Two of my Designing Your Book's HEA series (on cover design) will go live. Until then, check out Part One by clicking on the cover concepts below--and be thinking about what kinds of Writing (Life) & Hijinks stories would you like to read in the future.