Amazing Coconut Pie

So the Amazing Coconut Pie that I blogged about once upon a time as the Impossible Coconut Pie was a hit last night at Haughton House. (It always is.) And I had a few folks ask for the recipe when I posted it on my #domesticbadassery instagram hashtag. 

It's an old standby. It tastes AMAZING. And it's super easy peasy. 

You put all of the ingredients in the blender (yes! The blender; although, I used a ninja because I was too lazy to dig out my mom's enormous Vitamix) and let it set in the pie dish for a bit before sprinkling the coconut on top. 

It should be golden and DELICIOUS when it comes out of the oven. (My mom loves those dark, crusty bits.)


You can serve it warm, but, in my opinion, if you can be patient, it's even yummier the next day out of the fridge. 

If you'd like to whip up a pie that looks like a million bucks but costs about $4--and takes you all of about 5 minutes prep time--wander back through the archives of Lexi Haughton's blog to find the recipe